D.D. Road, Dispur, Guwahati, Assam


Academics Calendar and Attendance

(i) Discipline is the essence of education and the students are expected to strive for and maintain high standard of discipline inside and outside the College.
(ii) The Students admitted to the college must abide by all the rules and regulations as prescribed by the college authorities from time to time and as prescribed by the G.U.
(iii) A students found guilty on the ground of misconduct, misdemeanor, violation of rules unsatisfactory progress, irregular attendance, showing discourtesy to the teachers and staff member in any form, adoption of unfair means in the examination etc, or found indulging in any activities likely to affect the peaceful academic atmosphere of the college shall liable to such disciplinary actions as the College Authority deem fit and proper.
(iv) The Course of study in the College are full time courses. No student can take any other full time course simultaneously.
(v) Any notice desired to be pasted or circulated by the students anywhere in the College or holding of any meeting within the college premises will require prior permission of the college Authority.
(vi) Students shall not loiter in the corridors or in front of the class rooms or office rooms or in the road in front of the college during their off periods. Students should devote their time quietly in the library and shall not cause any disturbance to others.
(vii) Students shall be decently dressed whenever they are within the College premises.
(viii) Power of maintenance or discipline is vested within the Head of the Institution whose decision shall be final in all such matters.
(ix) Students are required to get themselves admitted in the next higher classes as soon as the academic session is completed.