All Notices

30-03-2023 A Talk on Research Methodology A Talk on Research Methodology for the students of LL.M. 1st & 3rd semester of Dispur Law College.
15-03-2023 Book Bank Notice of Book Bank form submission, 2023
15-03-2023 Celebration of World Consumer Day, 2023 Notice of celebration of World Consumer Day on 15th March, 2023.
15-03-2023 Caution Money, 2023 Notice for applying for Library Caution Money, 2023
18-02-2023 General Orientation Programme for LL.M. 1st Semeter
17-12-2022 Notice of Freshman Social, 2022 Notice of Freshman Social, 2022
29-11-2022 Notice of Students' Development Notice on Students' Development Programme to be held on 30th November, 2022 in college auditorium.
29-11-2022 Students' Development Programme Students' Development Programme on Financial Awareness
13-08-2022 Examination Notice 3 year and 5 year offline Examination Form Fill-up Notice
13-08-2022 Examination Center Fees Notice 3 year and 5 year online Examination Form Fill-up Notice
11-08-2022 Celebration National Librarian’s Day Celebration on 12th August-2022
08-08-2022 Caution Money, 2022 List of Students receiving Library Caution Money, 2022
20-07-2022 Admission Notice 2022-23 5 Year B.A.LL.B(H) Course New Admission Notice, 2022-23
24-06-2022 Notice of International Yoga Day Notice of International Yoga Day to be held on 25th June, 2022
24-06-2022 Notice of Bishnu Rabha Divas Notice of Bishnu Rabha Divas celebration on 27th June, 2022
10-06-2022 Notice of Career Counselling IQAC, Dispur Law College in cooperation with World Vision,an NGO is organizing a One -Day session on “Personality Development and Career Growth” on 10th June, 2022
08-06-2022 Notice of Book Bank aid,2022 Students who are in need of Book Bank aid are requested to apply on or before 30th June,2022.
03-06-2022 Re-admission Notice 3 Year LL.B and 5 Year B.A.LL.B Re Admission Notice 2022
08-04-2022 Tender notice Tender for Desk-Benches
25-03-2022 Sealed Tender Notice Inviting Sealed Tender for canteen
24-03-2022 Tender Sealed Tender for Canteen
22-03-2022 Library Return of Borrowed Books
21-03-2022 Examination o Form Fill-up Notice 5 Year B.A.L.L.B 1st , 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th semester Examination 2021
21-03-2022 Examination o Form Fill-up Notice 3 year LL.B. 1st , 3rd and 5th semester examination 2021
24-02-2022 Interactive Session on Creative Writing
14-02-2022 Rules Online Sessional Examination Rules regarding Open Text Book Online Sessional Examination,2022
09-02-2022 Sessional Examination 2022 3 year & 5 year Sessional Examination 2022
08-02-2022 Admission Notice Re-admission Notice 3year and 5 year
24-01-2022 Library Book Bank Notice
12-01-2022 Practical Examination 3 year & 5 year Practical Examination 3 year 4th & 5 year 8th semester
12-01-2022 Practical Examination 3 Year & 5 Year Practical Examination 3 Year 6th semester & 5 Year 10th Semester
07-01-2022 Practical Examination Notice Practical Examination,2021 for the 5 year 8th semester and 3 year 4th semester.
06-01-2022 Notice of Readmission Readmission of 3 Year LL.B 3rd Semester and 5th Semester 5 Year B.A. LL.B 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th Semester for the session 2021-2022
30-12-2021 Admission Notic Re-admission in the 3Year LL.B. 3rd and 5th Semester and 5year B.A.LL.B. 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th Semester
27-12-2021 Examination Notice,2021 Examination Notice of 3 Year LL.B 2nd & 4th Semester and 5 Year B.A. LL.B. 2nd, 4th, 6th & 8th Semester for the year 2021 has been notified
03-12-2021 Foundation day Celebration of foundation day on 3rd Nov-2021
03-12-2021 Debate Competition State-level Inter-Institutional Debating Competition
03-12-2021 Examination Notice from GU regarding examination